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            Salesia V. Smith-Gordon, Attorney at Law and Registered Pharmacist.
            Personal injury lawyer234彩票网址下载

            Working hard to help rebuild the
            lives of those seriously injured.

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            No Recovery - No Fee
            Smith-Gordon Law Team: High-Quality Legal Service in Palm Beach County
            For professional, courteous yet aggressive civil legal representation, contact Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon where you will feel the passion for the work we do for clients.
            How we can help you
            Focused, Caring Representation
            Our firm’s model and internal culture lend themselves to focused, effective yet caring representation. Our goal is to obtain the best possible results for each client.
            Learn about us
            Fierce Advocacy for Victims
            Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon is a fierce advocate of the rights of ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges from injuries due to the negligence of others.
            Meet Our Attorney
            Our Tactics: Purposeful and Sharp
            The firm’s culture is one of targeted intensity from the initial case assessment through the investigation and strategic planning to the execution of the plan
            Frequently asked questions
            Raising the Bar
            Persistently dedicated to protecting rights of citizens through education and advocacy.
            Understanding your rights
            Care & Compassion
            The effect of injuries or death caused by the carelessness or wrongdoing of a person or business can be devastating to the health and finances of the injured victim, victim’s family, job, friends and even animals. Each client’s case is “big” because of the specific impact on their individual lives.
            Our experience helping victims
            Helping Victims Fight for Justice
            Fighting for fair justice for each client is personal and important to us!
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            Meet attorney salesia smith-gordon

            A native Floridian with a diverse professional background as a registered pharmacist and lawyer234彩票网址下载. For more than 20 years Salesia has earned the respect of clients and professional peers as an attorney. Salesia is licensed to practice in every state and federal court in Florida, the 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States...

            Learn more about our attorney
            Salesia V. Smith-Gordon

            Aggressive, Professional, Experienced and Successful West Palm Beach Injury Attorney

            Salesia Smith-Gordon is an experienced civil trial lawyer234彩票网址下载 with a pharmacy background who for more than 20 years earned a reputation for exceptional advocacy, uncompromising attention to detail and commitment to the firm’s clients and profession. With offices in West Palm Beach and Belle Glade, the firm operates as a boutique law practice throughout Florida in the areas of automobile collisions, medication error and premises liability resulting in significant bodily injuries or death.

            The Salesia Smith-Gordon law team is known for its personal touch with all clients, offering the individual attention each requires. This personalized approach to law and business is made possible by the firm’s emphasis on limited caseloads. By maintaining a lower volume of cases, Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon and her team are better able to build strong relationships with their clients. Understanding the individual client and the challenges each one faces is key to understanding the totality of the impact of the trauma. Ultimately, an excellent attorney-client relationship can lead to better results, as well as minimized stress throughout the litigation journey.

            Featured Practice 234彩票网址下载Areas of Salesia Smith-Gordon

            • Personal Injury – Events of trauma of various degrees which cause bodily injury. Personal injury can occur through a host of circumstances, i.e. automobile collision, trucking collisions, playground injuries, slip and fall, swimming pool near-drowning incidents, fire and burn injuries, etc.
            • Premises Liability – Physical harm resulting in slip (trip) and fall, improper display, improper stocking which causes objects to fall from high, obstacles on the floor, lack of or improper warning of harm.
            • Prescription Error – When a healthcare practitioner and/or business procedures cause harm instead of medical relief to those who trusted the treatment or services results in a breach of that vital professional trust. We look at not only the specific action causing the error but also the systematic procedures, in a quest to stop the error from occurring again.

            Other Civil Matters

            • Negligent Supervision: Daycare and after-234彩票网址下载 care facilities are relied upon by parents to keep their precious children or aging parents safe from serious harm.

            Children will be children and may encounter some minor bumps and bruises as they play and explore the world around them. Daycare/aftercare centers are expected to provide a safe environment. Sometimes facilities fail to provide a safe environment and injuries occur due to lack of supervision, improper playground equipment or abuse. Such injuries to a child or adult also has a financial impact on the parent or loving caretaker who must take off work to handle injury-related matters and also pay for medical costs and counseling.

            Please contact234彩票网址下载 to discuss your injury claim. Parents or legal guardians of the abused may be able to bring civil claims on their child’s behalf against the abuser for damages resulting from the abuse and potentially against third parties who failed to report the abuse.

            • Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one triggers shock, sadness and sorrow. Creditors are not generally sympathetic to your grieving. During this difficult time, your income may diminish as your bills mount as a result of the fatal injury. Although no amount of money can replace the person you’ve lost, the compassion of the Salesia Smith-Gordon law team may help you seek justice during this emotionally devastating time through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit, which can help you meet the financial challenges while also bringing closure and a sense of justice to the devastating event.

            Understanding the heartache and challenges suffered from the loss of life, for more than 20 years Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon and staff have helped families like yours. We show your family compassion, respect and privacy as we pursue the person or corporation responsible for your loved one’s death.

            Generally, in Florida a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within two years of the death. The personal representative of the deceased person’s estate is responsible for filing a wrongful death claim on the surviving relatives’ behalf. If there is a Last Will & Testament, the personal representative is likely named; if there is no will, the probate court will appoint a personal representative.

            • Probate & Guardianship: Holding true to our firm’s boutique focus, the probate and guardianship matters we handle are directly related to an injury or death. Children (age 18 or younger) are unable to contract by law, so a parent or guardian must be appointed by the court to serve as financial guardian of any award for a child or incapacitated adult. If there is a death due to injury, our firm will often handle the probate action solely associated with the wrongful death claim.

            Salesia Smith-Gordon Law Team: High-Quality Legal Service in Palm Beach County

            For professional, courteous yet aggressive civil legal representation, contact Attorney Salesia Smith-Gordon, where you will feel the passion for the work we do for clients.

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            College234彩票网址下载 Law Profile Photo Featured Profile Salesia V. Smith-Gordon
            (’92): Role Model
            & Risk Taker

            What our clients are saying

            • “Attorney Smith-Gordon and her staff devote themselves to understanding you, the effect of the harm done to you and fights for what you deserve, all while helping you navigate through...”

              — Karen, 2015
            • “Ms. Smith-Gordon accepted my case after I had been discharged by prior lawyer234彩票网址下载. She and her staff took the time to listen, answer questions, and explain the legal processes affecting me from...”

              — Charles, 2015
            • “Salesia had mixed emotions about taking my case after I’d been rear ended which caused me to need surgery. I am her dad. I am proud of the representation, professionalism and successful...”

              — Dr. Walter L. Smith
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            Salesia V. Smith-Gordon, Attorney at Law and Registered Pharmacist.
            922 Second St. , West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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